• Planning down to the last detail

Planning down to the last detail

Experience and the latest technology

Perfect planning is a prerequisite for any successful project. After the plant concept has been determined, our teams of experts will begin with the realisation of the new ECOLINK plant.


CAD control cabinet planning

In order to be able to manufacture the control cabinet efficiently, we rely on the latest planning tools, such as EPLAN Electric P8. Our experienced planners use CAE solutions such as engineering configuration and preplanning with proven and continuously developed modular macros. We concentrate on the smooth integration of a great variety of system components from different manufacturers. The project-related mixture of bus systems, signal couplings, sensors and load units creates the electrotechnical prerequisites for optimised heat flows, air movements and plant transparency. The prompt creation of wire lists ensures the project progression and the coordination of all companies and subsections involved. Every detail counts of the several hundreds of data points.



During the planning of the control cabinet, our software team will begin to plan the multilayered functions on the basis of the plant schemes. The innovative hardware Frigolink from Wurm enables us to fill ECOLINK with life using the graphic programming environment VISULINK. Self-created and tested macros are individually put together and adapted for our costumers. 

In modern projects, optimised demand and use of heat recovery from commercial refrigeration enable to operate the store in winter without an additional heating source. Today, efficient air conditioning of projects is one of the key tasks. We have studied the historical data of many plants in order to develop powerful and effective functions for a great variety of operating conditions. On this basis, we take well-founded decisions when to choose free cooling, night cooling or air conditioning for an optimal result. A sophisticated control of hydraulic systems plays a crucial role particulary in environmentally friendly and sustainable water-based systems. For the well-being of customers and operators and best goods quality, we pay much attention to air humidity and energy consumption.