• The heart of your plant

The heart of your plant

Custom-made control cabinets

The control cabinet for a building technology system is the heart of your plant and will be supplied by GTM. Time between cabinet delivery and store opening is usually very short. It is therefore all the more imporant that the control cabinet is on the construction site as early as possible and runs flawlessly right from the start.

GTM is responsible for the conceptional and electrotechnical planning of the individual control cabinet. It is then produced accordingly by Wurm Schaltanlagenbau.

For efficient planning, GTM uses EPLAN Electric P8, currently the most powerful engineering tool on the market. The use of macro-libraries and schematic generators enables a significant reduction of planning time and errors.

Volume fluctuations in the production are an ever-present experience. Wurm Schaltanlagenbau has therefore intelligently adapted its production processes: Complete assemblies are produced in advance in periods of lower order volume. Strict quality tests are carried out with special automated testing equipment. This strategy enables short-term production even in periods of high workload as usually in autumn.