Strategic control systems
Demand-oriented operation: modern ventilation control guarantees pleasant room conditions for customers and staff at low energy consumption...
Warmth where you need it: retail properties have different temperature zones with different requirements...
Cold and heat recovery

Saving resources: our solutions use the waste heat from commercial refrigeration plants and the air-side heat recovery of conditioned room air in order to cover the heat and air conditioning demand in a market.



Pleasant indoor climate with GTM: modern food stores are usually air conditioned today...


Weather data included: since 2011, we use the control strategy Meteolink to integrate weather data into applications for refrigeration and building technology...


Economic efficiency and well-being: we provide you with best light conditions for indoor, outdoor and advertising that is cost-saving as well...


Creating transparency and realising savings potentials: the basis of any energy management is informative, condensed and cross-project data...

System integration

Think in networks, control centrally: since 1995, the Wurm Group with its subsidiary GTM, belongs to the leading providers of comprehensive system solutions for commercial refrigeration and building technology for food retailing...



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