• Gut beraten mit GTM

Good advice with GTM

Your specialists for building technology

In order to provide optimal support for our customers we not only constantly develop our solutions. We also create concepts for individual issues, because anyone who is planning a new plant or wants to optimise an existing one will have a lot of questions:

  • Is the building heated with fossil fuels or with a heat pump?
  • Should the plant be tolerant to errors in hydraulics?
  • Is process heat from the commercial refrigeration used?
  • Should weather forecast data be considered?
  • Up to what outdoor air enthalpy should night cooling be used for dehumidification?
  • Should the time switch program automatically recognise variable public holidays?
  • Should the amount of fresh air be determined according to air quality?
  • Should other plant parts or superordinated systems be integrated via data communication?

Our engineers will find the right answers for you to all these and many other questions. We will deal with your specific requirements explicitly and will gladly come and visit you at your location if you require.

With the GTM team at your side, you will always have good advice in all phases of your project development. We not only provide you with help and recommendations during the conception and projecting phase, but will also remain your reliable and competent contact after your plant has been put into operation.