• Control and let control

Control and let control

Achieving the desired solution together

Every plant has its own peculiarities and specific framework conditions. Before our technology can assume the fully automated and highly efficient control of your building, a lot of details regarding the construction must be clarified. Here is a selection of typical questions:

  • Is the building heated with fossil fuels or with a heat pump?
  • Should the plant be tolerant to errors in hydraulics?
  • Is process heat from the commercial refrigeration used?
  • Should weather forecast data be incorporated?
  • Up to what outdoor air enthalpy should outside air be used for dehumidification?
  • Should the time switch programme automatically recognise variable public holidays?
  • Should the amount of fresh air be regulated according to air quality?
  • Should other plant parts or superordinated systems be integrated via data communication?

In the conception and planning phase, our engineers will be pleased to help you with any questions. We will make every effort so that everything is perfectly organised before automatic operation begins.