• Thorough analysis for optimal plant concepts

Thorough analysis for optimal plant concepts

Thorough analysis for optimum plant concepts

New plant concepts often look simple on paper. Heat recovery here, heat pump there, some pipes leading to the ceiling-mounted units and some ventilation. However, we often see that an optimal plant operation at varying operating conditions is a demanding task. Modern and efficient concepts are usually based on low-temperature systems working almost at the limits of physics. In order to heat plants in winter with warm water at 38°C and to cool them with water at 16°C in summer, all components must interact perfectly. To this end, the hydraulic system has to be perfectly matched to the respective operating conditions. A number of tests are required to establish the best conditions for a harmonised interaction of ventilation system, free cooling, fresh air supply according to CO2 concentration and the avoidance of humidity ingress.

For the evaluation and futher development of the control functions, we thoroughly analyse data traces recorded in all systems. Based on detailed examination of historical data we can clearly distinguish efficient concepts from inefficient ones: some functions help saving energy, others turn out to be ineffective for series solutions. These data are the “language of the plants”. Continuous analyses form the indispensable basis of all the following processes. New findings enable us to enhance classical control strategies for ECOLINK with efficient new algorithms. Objective data can often serve as a stimulus to find completely new solutions. Together with operators and partners, we develop coherent and convincing model concepts. We advise the specialist planners and subsection executives in construction meetings during the implementation period. In case of malfunctions, we support service companies with cause analyses.

The historical data are the honest benchmark test of all concepts and projects.